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While Luaus are well known among visitors,ask us about the different possibilities as they are definitely all similar.
As for Heiaus unfortunately not too many people are aware they still exist and miss  a window into ancient Hawaii that is absolutely worth visiting.
We will be happy to incorporate them in your day trip depending on which side of the island you are visiting.
Whether is the 'Iolani Palace (only Royal Palace in the whole of the United States) or a walk o the Kaniakapupu ruins, the summer palace of king Kamehameha the third, these are some of the best places to feel hawaiian history come alive.
Heiaus are ancient places of worship for Hawaiians and they came in different sizes and for different purposes. We love to show you our favorite ones: Ulupu Heiau  close to the Kauai Nui marsh in.Kailua is the easiest to reach and our personal favorite. But on the way to Kaena point on the west side Kane'ahi is a smaller somehow mysterious Heiau worth visiting.On the north shore the Puuo Mahuka Heiau is the largest on the island but not as impressive. The location is what makes is worth a visit and nearby Pupukea is something you should see.
Luaus include food that goes back hundreds of years  but nearly always includes dishes prepared in an underground oven called Imu. The show includes traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian dance, ancient games and fire dance. We will be happy to help you visit some of the best, be it a big one with more spectacular shows or a smaller one where you can join in the dance , lei making  or ancient Hawaiian games.

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